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Range is a podcast highlighting stories, issues, and trailblazing entrepreneurs of the New American West. We love to tell these stories but we would love to hear your story of living in, or traveling to, the West and what wild, interesting and/or amazing things that happened as a result.

How to Submit:

  • Write one or two paragraphs that sums up your story or experience. Put the story in the body of the email (no attachments please). One submission per person.

  • Email your submission to howdy [at] rangepodcast [dot] org with the subject line “Western Story” along with your embedded story and contact information.

  • We will read through the submissions and pick the best story or stories to feature on our podcast. We will announce our picks in our newsletter on July 31, 2016. You will receive an email to confirm newsletter sign-up to make sure you are informed of the outcome. If your story is chosen, we will interview you and feature your lovely voice in an episode!