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Range is a bi-weekly podcast highlighting stories, issues, and trailblazing entrepreneurs of the New American West. Incorporating  a hybrid reporting structure of humor, music and thoughtful commentary, with rich sound scenes and high-quality audio production, we cover a wide, er, range of topics, from mining to the medical cannabis industry, wildlife management to the business of brothels.

Range is hosted by two journalists with a combined 17+ years experience who currently report both audio stories for NPR and print stories for The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian UK, and more. 


Amy Westervelt, Range co-host
Amy Westervelt is an award-winning journalist who has been reporting for a wide range of print and audio venues for more than 15 years. In 2014, Amy co-founded the climate reporting project Climate Confidential, which syndicated longform environmental journalism to a variety of national outlets, including The Atlantic, Scientific American, Popular Science, Modern Farmer, Smithsonian, and many more. That work earned Amy a Rachel Carson Women In Conservation award in 2015.  She also received a Folio award in 2007 for her reporting on algae-based biofuels. Amy currently works as a contributing reporter for Reno Public Radio, The Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian UK.

Julia Ritchey, Range co-host
Julia Ritchey is a well-traveled multimedia journalist living in Reno, Nevada. Julia has filed from five countries as well as the Pentagon and Capitol Hill. Her work has appeared through outlets such as The Associated Press, NPR, Reno Public Radio, KNPR (Las Vegas), CAP Radio (Sacramento), Savannah Morning News, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Georgia Public Broadcasting, The Daily Beast, Ms. Magazine, American Public Media and Voice of America. Julia is currently a staff reporter for Reno Public Radio.